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The Followers of Mandalore are a real-world group of Mandalorians banded together with the ambition to one day be a major Mandalorian power. They are also the founding members of the Mandalorian Wiki.


The Followers of Mandalore, abbreviated as FoM is an organization of people who identify themselves as Mandalorians. The group was founded on Facebook in 2009 by R. Connor Montgomery, creator of the Mandalorian Wiki. Following a long period on Facebook, the FoM moved its base of operations to, a forum website operated by Montgomery. In 2012 and 2013, the organization began to experience increasingly serious activity issues, and decided to shift its focus back to Facebook, though it retains as a primary home.

The purpose of the Followers of Mandalore is to provide an internet based organization for Mandalorian supporters and fans to meet and interact, and to unite supporters of the "Mandalorian cause". The Followers of Mandalore is not a costuming organization, nor is it a role playing organization, though branches to exist for the purpose of gaming, such as the FoM's group on Steam.

The Followers of Mandalore is the organization behind the Mandalorian Wiki.

Government SystemEdit

The Followers of Mandalore has a unique system of government, involving a central council, and several departments specializing in different parts of government. Each department is headed by a group administrator, known in the FoM as Al'Ori'Ramikade.

The branches of government are:

  • Ministry of the Armory: specializing in costuming the Followers of Mandalore through the FoM Costuming Committee.
  • Department of Politics: in charge of maintaining rules and regulations of the Followers of Mandalore.
  • Bureau of Tactics: in charge of coordinating events and determining new methods of operation.
  • Archive of Mandalore: in charge of (unofficially) maintaining Mandalorian lore within Star Wars canon.
  • Council of Membership: in charge of regulating the FoM's regional chapters and recruiting.

The Followers of Mandalore also uses a ranking system for its members, determined by merit within the organization. These ranks include Verd'ika, Alor'uus, Al'verde, and Alor'ad as standard ranks, and Ver'alor, Alor'solus, and Al'ori'ramikade, as officer ranks.

In addition, the Followers of Mandalore also maintains many worldwide chapters, known as "Veeray'tsad".

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